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Solar Throat Slashed: The Unexpurgated 1948 Edition. Aimé Césaire

(ISBN: 978-0-8195-7070-3. 172 pages)

Endure Poems by Bei Dao

(ISBN: 978-0-9842640-8-7 175 pages).


Curdled Skulls Poems by Bernard Bador

(ISBN: 978-0-9842640-9-4 145 pages)


Grindstone of Rapport: A Clayton Eshleman Reader

(ISBN: 978-0-9795137-7-0. 530 pages. $29.95)

Juniper Fuse: Upper Paleolithic Imagination & the Construction of the Underworld

(ISBN: 0819566055)

Juniper Fuse can be purchased through Wesleyan University Press directly by visting their web site or by calling 800-421-1561. Juniper's Fuse and many of Eshleman's previous books are available wherever fine books are sold, and also through the usual electronic outlets.


In Praise of Juniper Fuse:

“No one knows the caves and the archaic regions of the soul in our times as does Clayton Eshleman. He is a guide among the animal images of the primordial psyche. His work takes us into the source of imagination, the dark origins of the human mind.”

-- James Hilman, author of The Soul’s Code

“Archeologists and artists have written on Southwestern European cave art, but none have given us a book like this. Clayton Eshleman has explored and inspected almost all of the great cave art of southwestern Europe including many caves that are not open to the public and require special permission. Now with visionary imagination, informed poetic speculation, deep insight, breathtaking leaps of mind, Eshleman draws out the underground of myth, psychology, prehistory, and the first turn of the human mind toward the modern. JUNIPER FUSE opens us up to our ancient selves: we might be weirder (and also better) than we thought.”

-- Gary Snyder

“The invention of the historical other has become almost programmatic in twentieth century American poetry; for Pound, ancient China; for H.D., classical Greece; for Olson, Mesopotamia; for Snyder, the Neolithic. Eshleman has pushed the historical back about as far as it can go: to the Upper Paleolithic, and the earliest surviving images made by humans. As a result of his literal and imaginative explorations of the painted and gouged caves, Eshleman has constructed a myth, perhaps the first compelling post-Darwinian myth: that the Paleolithic represents the ‘crisis’ of the human ‘separating out’ of the animal, the original birth and original fall of man. From that moment, human history spins out: from the repression of the animal within to the current extinction of the animals without: the inversion from matriarchy to patriarchy, and the denial of the feminine; the transformation of the fecund underworld into the Hell of suffering; and the rising of Hell, in the twentieth century, to the surface of the earth: Dachau, Hiroshima. The poet’s journey is an archelypal scenario of descent and rebirth: he has traveled to the origin of humanness to reach the millennium, end and beginning.”

-- Eliot Weinberger

“JUNIPER FUSE is a fabulous three-dimensional tapestry of scholarship, wild but disciplined tropes, scient fact, literary, cultural and other histories, field work, peculation, autobiography, tough-minded questions, interpretations of creative processes and products, and “art” criticism. Original and the intense, it poses serious questions about human nature and its relation to the animal and natural worlds and offers rich reflections on them.”

-- Ronald Gottesman, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Southern California


"It is a great honor for me to introduce one of the giants on the literary scene today. With each book, with each passing each year, Clayton Eshleman has come to occupy a place in literature that is unmistakably great. From Caterpillar to Sulfur, from Artaud to Vallejo, Mr. Eshleman's service to literature is unmatched. As editor, poet, translator, Eshleman works front to back, bringing the current of International modernism to the Paleolithic imagination. Experience, imagination, knowledge, and service are the hallmarks of Eshleman's practice. Both personal mind and poetic mind combine in his latest book, Juniper Fuse, which he will be talking about tonight, to make his record of experience vital to our times. All the circuits are firing in Mr. Eshleman with capacity that truly dwarfs others now passing letters onto the contemporary literary scene. Juniper Fuse is proof positive of that.As Eshleman steers himself intelligently through currents of tradition and revolution, a profound sense of self-direction becomes evident in the work. Mr. Eshleman has released his homunculus into the visionary landscape of the Cro-Magnon cave that nourishes the consciousness and imagination of our days. Indeed, the Cro-Magnon cave is his master. With Juniper Fuse, however, he is the master of the cave. Please join me in giving a warm welcome to the master of the cave, Clayton Eshleman."

-- Kenneth Warren, editor of House Organ magazine, in an introduction on Eshleman's speaking tour.