Sulfur 45/46

Sulfur Issue #45/46


Clayton Eshleman: Introduction

Will Alexander: Two Poems from The Sri Lankan Loxodrome

Bruce Andrews: Snowpony

Guillaume Apollinaire: Across Europe (Tr. from the French by Ron Padgett)

Rae Armantrout: Systemic

Antonin Artaud: Revolt Against Poetry (Tr. from the French by Clayton Eshleman)

Jean-Paul Auxemery: Flame in the Desert (Tr. from the French by Nathaniel Tarn)

Amiri Baraka: Saturday School

Susan Bee: Two Paintings

Stephen Barber: The Devilishness of the Human Body: August Walla

Bei Dao: Two Poems (Tr. from the Chinese by Eliot Weinberger and lona Man-Cheong)

Charles Berstein: from New Angels / Transient Failures

Robin Blaser: pentimento

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 47: Printed Matter

Lorna Bieber: Two Photographs

André Breton: Three Dreams (Tr. from the French by Mark Polizzotti)

Mary Caponegro: Odradrek

Hayden Carruth: The Afterlife: Cats

Paul Celan: Four Poems from Lightduress (Tr. from the German by Pierre Joris)

Aime Césaire: Laughable (Tr. from the French by Annette Smith and Clayton Eshleman)

Rene Char: Three Poems (Tr. from the French by Gustaf Sobin)

Maxine Cheroff: Chorale

Paul Christensen: Another Song Before the Nightmare Starts

James Clifford: Emphysema Diary (Extracts)

Norma Cole: Q

Clark Coolidge: Two Poems

William Corbett: Nearing September

Jayne Cortez: Three Poems

Michael Davidson: Panopticon Placebo

Lydia Davis: Two Stories

Michel Deguy: from At Rush Hours (Tr. from the French by Wilson Baldridge)

Rikki Ducornet: Naturalia and Artificialia

Robert Duncan: A Poem and Notebook Entries (Transcribed and Edited by Robert J. Bertholf)

George Economou: “Kassandra’s Story”

Melvin Edwards: A Lynch Fragment

Kenward Elmslie: Night Soul

Clayton Eshleman: Sparks We Trail

Dan Featherston: Oaxacan Masks

Allen Fisher: Shorty George

Phillip Foss: the luthier’s animal

Kathleen Fraser: Horologic

Gene Frumkin: Bad Dream and the Friend

Wolfgang Giegrich: The Lesson of the Mask

Allen Ginsberg: “Makes very little difference what happens”

Barbara Guest: Glimpses of Toledo

Leon Golub: So, Bark!

Bernard Heidsieck: Two Poems from Meetings (Tr. from the French by Armand Schwerner)

Lindsay Hill: Two Poems

Benjamin Hollander: from Onome

Anselm Hollo: from Where If Not Here

Paul Hoover: Volunteer Bodies

Kenneth Irby: (tulip études)

Michael Ives: Plunged

Edmond Jabés: Faces for Antonio Saura (Tr. from the French by Rosmarie Waldrop)

Nora Jaffe: Two Drawings

Pierre Joris: The Exaltation of Inanna

Andrew Joron: The Book Is an Abstract Candle

Janet Kauffman: On Eliminating Characters from Fiction

Karen Kelley: Inside Karen Kelley

Robert Kelly: The Sound of the Center

Milton Kessler: New Month

R. B. Kitaj: Two Paintings

Paul Laffoley: Two Works

Gerrit Lansing: The Joint Is Jumping

Karin Lessing: Dune Light

José Lezama Lima: Pavillion of Nothingness (Tr. from the Spanish by Roberto Tejada)

Linh Dinh: Two Poems

Nathaniel Mackey: Go Left Out of Shantiville

Matsutani: Two Drawings

Jackson Mac Low: Threre a Different Time-Sense is Simply Non-Competitive (Stein 77)

Michael McClure: Thinking of Su Tung-P’o

Gwen McVay: Two Poems

Ana Mendieta: from Silueta Series

Paul Metcalf: The End

Henri Michaux: from The Ravaged Ones (Tr. from the French by James Wanless)

Christopher Middleston : Magdalena, Her Shadow

Michael Nedjar: Two Paintings

Brian Nissen: Two Sculptures

Lorine Niedecker: Notes from the Trip (Edited by Jenny Penberthy)

Valere Novarina: Time’s Animal (end) (Tr. from the French by Allen S. Weiss)

Charles Olson: Poems for Bet (Edited and Introduced by Ralph Maud)

John Olson: How Do You Do

Rochelle Owens: Starkness The Eyesockets

Ron Padgett: Morning

Irving Petlin: Two Drawings

Michael Palmer: Of

Marjorie Perloff: For Jackson Mac Low

Anna Rabinowitz: Good Night, Good Day: Wherein a Song

Jed Rasula: Last Words

Peter Redgrove: Stepped Verses at Twilight

Adrienne Rich: Two Poems

Tina Rotenberg: Northern Gate

Jerome Rothenberg: A Book of Witness (1-3)

Andrew Schelling: Tyger Tyger

Spencer Selby: Last Lines of Sulfur

Richard Sieburth: Tibetan Grammar

Gary Snyder: What to Tell, Still

Gustaf Sobin: Towards a Grammar of Exceptions

Charles Stein: Heart Lake

Nancy Spero: Alchemy

John Taggart: “Matchless Body / Arrow Beer”

Roberto Tejada: Esemplastic Negativity

Keith Tuma: A Moon for Sulfur

David True: Two Paintings

César Vallejo: “The three hundred womanly states of the Eiffel Tower”

Kikuli Verlarde: Two Isichapuitus

Cecilia Vicuña: Bloodskirt

Paul Violi: Stranger on a Train

Diane Wakoski: The Tango Lesson

Anne Waldman: from Marriage: A Sentence

Keith Waldrop: Natural Bridge

Rosmarie Waldrop: Tool Box

Wang Ping: Second Chance

Eliot Weinberger: Salaam Sulfur

Allen S. Weiss: Wounds

Terry Winters: Two Drawings

Marjorie Welish: Two Poems

C. D. Wright: elation washed over our absence…

Joel-Peter Witkin: Two Photographs

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: William Paden, “Cave V”, hanga wood cut, 1999; 3 x 3″