Sulfur 10

Sulfur Issue #10


Laura (Riding) Jackson: Engaging In The Impossible

Gerald Burns: from A Book Of Spells

Barrett Watten: Progress

John Yau: The View From 166 Avenue A: The Drawings Of Anton van Dalen

Anton van Dalen: Five Drawings

Alejandra Pizarnik: from About The Bloody Countess (Tr. by Susan Pensak)

Clayton Eshleman: A Note On Bernad Bador’s Poetry

Bernard Bador: from Sea Urchin Harakiri (Tr. by: Clayton Eshleman)

Robert Peters: from The Blood Countess

Jerome Rothenberg: Blood River Shaman Chant

Leon Golub: Riot II, 1984

Jackson Mac Low: Two Poems

Stephen Rodefer: Imitation W

George Evans: Four Poems

Paul Christensen: The Nap

John Yau: A Brief Note on Robert Morris

Robert Morris: Fragments From Texts For The Reliefs (1982) and Two Reliefs

Fran O’ Farrell: Two Poems

Robert Fitterman: Four Poems

Ray A. Young Bear: Nothing Could Take Away The Bear-King’s Image

Michael Palmer: Two Poems

Ronald Johnson: Ark 47, Plow Spire

John Yau: Two Prose Poems

Bruce Boone: “Kennst Du Das Land?”

Jack Spicer’s Letters to Allen Joyce

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Berstein on William Carlos Williams at the MLA;
Palmer on Fuller Torrey; Clifford on Dada Data; Rasula on Prynne; Perloff on Clampitt;
Carruth back at Corbett; Peters on Snyder; Klein on unearthing the Vampire

Cover art: Drawing by Anton van Dalen