Sulfur 11

Sulfur Issue #11


Edited by Jerry Glenn

Jerry Glenn: Instead Of An Introduction

Paul Celan:

Three Poems (Tr. by Beth Bjorklund)
Seven Poems (Tr. by Esther Cameron)
Three Poems (Tr. by Katherine Washburn)
The Second Cycle of Zeitgehöft (Tr. by Pierre Joris)
Three Letters (Tr. by Jerry Glenn)

Milo Dor: Paul Célan

Hans-Jurgen Heise: Paul Célan

Hans Richter: On Paul Célan

John Felstiner: Paul Célan’s Triple Exile

Gotz Wienold: Célan

Esther Cameron: The Distant Earth: Célan’s Planetary Vision

Richard Exner: Paul Célan’s Atemwende

Jed Rasula: Paul Célan

Clayton Eshleman: A Note On Paul Célan

Erich Arendt: Jewish Cemetery In Prague

Rose Auslander: In Memoriam Paul Célan

Heinz Czechowski: Oradea

Hans-Jurgen Heise: Paul Célan

Arno Reinfrank: Lament For Paul Célan

Annemarie Zornack: Paul Célan

Gisele Celan-Lestrange: Three Engravings

Johannes Poethen: Orpheus

John Yau: The Drawings of Porfirio DiDonna

Porfirio DiDonna: Four Drawings

Clayton Eshleman: Untitled

George F. Butterick: Editing Postmodern Texts

From The Collected Poems Of Charles Olson: 1940-49 (Edited by George F. Butterick)

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Weinberger on Pound after Torrey; Byrd on Learned
Igonrance and Other Defenses; Perloff on “Dirty” Language and Scramble Systems; Silliman
on Dahlen; Schelling on Stein and American Buddhism; Levi Strauss on Shurin; Kleinzahler
on Rakosi’s Brathwaite; McGarry on Fredman

Cover Art: Untitled (oil on canvas 7½’ x 10′) by David True, courtesy of the Edward Thorp Gallery, New York City.