Sulfur 12

Sulfur Issue #12


Vladimir Holan: from A Night With Hamlet (Tr. from the Czech by Clayton Eshleman and
Frantisek Galan)

Leland Hickman: Two Poems from TIRESIAS

Mark Karlins: Five Poems

Marjorie Welish: The Specter of Art Hype and the Ghost of Yves Klein

Jean McGarry: Water Babies (A Little Novel)

Geoffrey Young: Elegy

Linda Connor: Six Photographs

Stephen Rodefer: Flowering

Allen Fisher: Bel Air

Jed Rasula: The Tent of Times

Judith Gleason: from Oya, In Praise Of the Goddess

From The Collected Poems Of Charles Olson: 1950-57 (Edited by George F. Butterick)

Jackson Mac Low: from Pieces O’ Six

Sandra Beall: Three Poems

Jerome Rothenberg: Three Poems

Brian Nissen: Six Constructions (With a Note by Dore Ashton)

Eliot Wienberger: The Dream of India

Jed Rasula: The Style of Old Age

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Davidson on Duncan; Hollander on Berstein; Butterick on
Guest and HD; Penberthy on Niedecker; Clifford on The Jardin des Plantes; Mobilio on Sobin;
Perloff on Poetry and the Common Life; Jakobson interviewed by Shapiro

Cover Art: Ed Paschke, Virideon, 1984, oil on canvas, 54 x 80 in. Courtesy: Phyllis Kind Gallery, NYC.