Sulfur 13

Sulfur Issue #13


From The Collected Poems Of Charles Olson: 1958-1964 (Edited by George F. Butterick)

Clayton Eshleman: Tuxedoed Groom On Canvas Bride

John Yau: Rober Morris’s In the Realm of the Carceral

Robert Morris: Four Drawings from In the Realm of the Carcerel

Jed Rasula: Towards Rilke in English

Carl Rakosi: Modules

Thom Gunn: Three Poems

Hayden Carruth: Four Poems

Eliot Weinberger: Kampuchea (preceded by a photo of Pol Pot)

Two Greenlandic Folktales (Tr. from the Greenlandic by Lawrence Millman)

Karin Lessing: In The Aviary Of Voices

John Yau: Sam Messer

Sam Messer: Five Works in Charcoal and Oil

Mike Newell: Six Poems

Benjamin Peret: Four Poems from Je Sublime (Tr. from the French by Rachel Stella and John Yau

Geoffrey O’Brien: Tibet

August Kleinzahler: Five Poems

Brent Mackay: Five Poems

Ron Padgett: Four Poems

John Yau: Howard Buchwald

Howard Buchwald: Three Works in Oil and Pencil

Charles Berstein: Pounding Fascism

Jackson Mac Low: from Pieces O’ Six—IX and X

Michael Davidson: The Endurance of Resolve

Lauren Shakely: Five Poems

Charles Berstein: Three Poems

Barbara Drake: The Bed

Vladimir Holan: from A Night With Hamlet (Tr. From the Czech by Clayton Eshleman and
Frantisek Galan)

John Taggart: For Jerry Lee Lewis

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Stella on Apollinaire; Arnold on Bauldelaire; Clifford on Chronotopes; Martin on Gerstler; Eshleman responds to Kinzie; Schelling on Snyder; Michelson, Berstein and Friedlander respond to Weinberger’s Pound After Torrey; Weinberger replies; Eshleman on Seifert; Kallet on the Goddess

Cover Art: Cy Twombly, Untitles (Anabasis 6), pencil, crayon, oil on paper, 39½”x 27½”, 1983, Courtesy: Hirschl & Adler Modern.