Sulfur 15

Sulfur Issue #15


A Special Section: New Translations of Michel Leires
Edited by James Clifford, with translations by Clifford, Lydia Davis, Richard Sieburth, Paul Auster, and Michael Haggerty

James Clifford: The Tropological Realism of Michel Leires

Section 1/Tropics

Glossary: My Glosses’ Ossuary
Phantom Africa (Sanga)

Section 2/Desire

Alberto Giacometti
Mouth Water
Phantom Africa (Emawayish)
Mirror of the Bullfight
Lydia Davis: In the Proximity of Great Men

Section 3/Dreams

Richard Sieburth: Introduction Nights as Day/Days as Night

Section 4/Self…Interminable

from Biffures
A Life in Blurbs
Edmund Jabès: The Naked Sword
Portraits of Leires
Albeto Giacometti
Pablo Picasso
Francis Bacon
Adré Masson

Section 5/Cultures

Jazz (An Interview with Michael Haggerty)
The Carribbean Turn
Edward Glissant: Creolization
In the Musée de l’Homme

Section 6/Presence

Fred Astire
Acted Theatre and Lived Theatre in the Zar Cult
Stones for a Possible Alberto Giacometti

Michael Palmer: from Baudelaire Series

Peter Redgrove: from The Mudlark Poems

Christopher Middleton: Bivouac

Bob Perelman: Three Poems

John Yau: Alan Cote: The Role of Drawing

Alan Cote: Three Drawings

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Bernstein on McGann; Birkerts on Herbert; Recent Publications; Yau on Kuspit and Golub; Eshleman on Vallejo; Tarn on Neruda; Yau on Duchamp; Christensen on Smith; Hollander on Jakobson; Rasula on Redgrove

Cover art: Francis Bacon/ Portrait of Michel Leires, oil on canvas, 14″ x 12″, Lousie and Michel Leires Collection, color transparency courtesy of Marlborough Gallery, London