Sulfur 17

Sulfur Issue #17


Jackson Mac Low: Pieces o’Six—XXIV

Octovio Paz: A Fable of Joan Miro (Tr. from the Spanish by Eliot Weinberger)

Arlena Gibson-Feller: from The Hipster: The Story of Harry “The Hipster” Gibson

Allen Ginsberg: Three Poems

Ronald Johnson: Ark 54, Starspire

Christopher Middleton: Certain Pleasures

Robert Gluck: HTLV-3

Nick Piombino: Three Poems

John Yau: Six Poems

Clark Coolidge: from The Book of During, III

Norma Cole: Paper House, part one (a-o)

Clayton Eshleman: The Bill

Leon Golub: Three Essays

Paul Laffoley: Three Statements
from The Divine Comedy Illustration: L’Inferno Overall
Wood of the Suicides
II Purgatorio Overall
The Island of the Mountain of Purgatory
The Earthly Paradise
II Paradiso Overall
II Paradiso Center Detail
The Celestial Rose

John Yau: In the Visionary Tradition: The Art of Paul Laffoley

C.K. Williams: Four Poems

Eliot Weinberger: What Were The Questions?

Paul Piper: Five Poems

Jackson Mac Low: Pieces o’Six—XXII

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Weinberger on Eliade; Byrd on Rasula; Rasula on Coolidge; Middleton to Eshuman; Smith on Pasolini; Coolidge on Rova; Jarolim to Birkets; Metcaff on Moore; Peters on Christensen; Clifford on Mauss; Butterick on Silliman

Cover Art: Paul Laffoley, I, Robur Master Of The World, oil and acrylic on canvas; 73 ½” square, color transparency courtesy of Stux Gallery, Boston/New York City