Sulfur 18

Sulfur Issue #18


Cesar Vallejo: from the Notebooks (1929-1937) (Tr. from the Spanish by Sandra Ferdman)

Irving Petlin: Six Paintings

Irving Petlin and Michael Palmer: The Rightness to be Depicted

Marjorie Welish: Two Poems

Henri Michaux: Of Language and Writing and the Desire to Turn from Them (Tr. from the French by Richard Sieburth)

Steve Benson, Chris Cheek, Allen Fisher: Assumptions Table

Diane Glacy: Three Poems

Bob Perleman: Face Value

Benjamin Hollander: Commentary of the False Numbers–3,4

Ammiel Alcalay: After Ecclesiastes

Antonio López García: Six Paintings and Drawings

Nicholas and Lisa Corrin: On Antonio López García

Charles Berstein: Blow-Me-Down Etude

Lorine Niedecker: Selections from her Letters to Louis Zukofsky (Edited by Jenny Penberthy)

Milo De Angeli: Five Poems and Two Essays (Tr. from the Italian by Lawrence Venuti)

Sean Killian: Four Poems

Clark Coolidge: Listener’s Reach

Ross Neher: Five Drawings and Paintings

John Yau: Light and Dark–The Art of Ross Neher

Jerome Rothenberg: First Gematria

Jerome McGann: The Loss of Poetry

Cover Art: Antonio López García, Skinned Rabbit, 1972, oil on board; 53cm x 60.5cm, color transparency courtesy of Marlborough Gallery, Inc., New York City.