Sulfur 19

Sulfur Issue #19
(no longer available)


John Yau: Three Poems

Charles Simic: Three Poems

Norman O. Brown: Homage to Robert Duncan

John Taggart: Two Poems

Nancy Spero: from the Torture of Women series

Jon Bird: from Nancy Spero: 1954-1986

Pierre Joris: from “Winnetou Old”

Linda Reinfeld: Foundations

Douglas Lowell: Two Poems

Julio Ortega: Toledan Self-Portrait (Tr. from the Spanish by Clayton Eshleman)

A TRIBUTE TO PORFIRIO DIDONNA (1942-1986): Testimonials by Anton van Dalen, Clayton Eshleman, Naoto Nakagawa, Medrie MacPhee, William Corbett, Jake Berthot, David True, Stephen Greene, David Reed, Lee Sherry, and John Yau (Edited by John Yau)

Porfirio DiDonna: Six Works

John Ashbery: Three Poems

Diane Wakoski: Emerald Ice

George Butterick: Two Poems

Norma Cole: Paper House, part two (p-x)

Gary Indiana and Francine A. Koslow: on The Starn Twins

The Starn Twins: Three Works

Susan Wheeler: Two Poems

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko: Nasturtium as Reality (Tr. from the Russian by Lyn Hejinian and Elena Balashova)

Clayton Eshleman: Two Poems

George Bataille: Madame Edwarda (Tr. from the French by Daniel Tiffany)

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Maclagan on Michaux; Rasula on Bly; Davidson on Perleman; Birkets on Ashbery; Weinberger, Coolidge, Palmer and Rasula on Birkets; Wolff on Voodo; Burns on Matthias; Schelling on Weinberger; Horan on Mistral; Reinfeld on Paul; Burns on Kenyon; Birkets on Snyder; Hollander on Celan

Cover Art: Porfirio Didonna, untitled, oil on linen, 72″ x 48″, 1985, color transparency courtesy of Nielsen Gallery, Boston