Sulfur 21

Sulfur Issue #21

Paul Christensen: The Achievement of George Butterick

Eliot Weinberger: Lost Wax/Found Objects: Brian Nissen’s Bronze Relics

Brian Nissen: Six Sculptures

Jerome Rothenberg: Poland/1987


Clayton Eshleman: The Roses of Kádár
Notes on Contributors
Miklos Radnoti: Six Poems
Miklos Meszoly: Ode to the Elegy
Ferenc Juhasz: The Biography of a Woman
Sandor Csoori: Three Works
Gyula Kodolanyi: Two Poems
Eniko Bollobas: A Personal Report on the Present Situation of the Hungarian Writer, Géza Szöcs
Géza Scöcs: Commentary on an Old Review

John Yau: The Drawings of Lydia Dona and Lawre Stone

Lydia Dona: Four Drawings

Lawre Stone: Four Drawings

Marjorie Welish: Three Poems

Gerald Burns: The Myth of Accidence, Book VII

Wolfgang Giegerich: Deliverance from the Stream of Events: Okeanos and the Circulation of the Blood

Karin Lessing: Under Sirius

Clark Coolidge: Section III from At Egypt

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Blau DuPlessis on Duchamp’s Etant Donnés; Hollander on London; Sieburth on Translating Hölderlin; Rasula on Attali and Baker; Meltzer on Jazz Guitar; Clifford on Snow; Campbell on Davies; Three Responses to Bernstein’s The Sophist; Watten Interviewed by Hartley; Schelling on Fischer; Rasula on the Olson Collected Poems

Cover art: Lydia Dona, The Topographic Orientation We Are Supposed To Project Into Fabric of Coral Depends Upon Particles and Codes of Desire, 1987, oil and acrylic on canvas, 72″ x 100″, courtesy of Luhring Augustine & Hodes Gallery, NYC, Photo: Erik Landsberg