Sulfur 23

Sulfur Issue #23


George Butterick (1943-1988): “The permafrost is broken…”

The Sulfur Masthead (photograph by Robert Turney)

Marina Tsvetayeva: Poem of the End (Tr. from the Russian by John Dolan, with a note on the poem by P. Michael Campbell)

Gerrit Lansing: In Erasmus Darwin’s Generous Light

George Evans: Four Poems

Anthony Robbins: Two Poems

Aaron Shurin: Two Poems

John Yau: Meeting Thomas Daniel

Thomas Daniel: Six Photographs

Tom Mandel: Four Strange Books

Rae Armantrout: Two Poems

Maxine Hong Kingston: from Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book

August Kleinzahler: Three Poems

Jerome Rothenberg: Peroration for a Lost Town

Anna Rabinowitz: Three Poems

Gerrit Lansing: On Serial Painting: The Ambiguities of Thorpe Feidt

Thorpe Feidt: Four Paintings

Clayton Eshleman: Two Chapters from Novices: A Study of Poetic Apprenticeship

Benjamin Hollander: Onome

Donald Revell: Three Poems

Benjamin Friedlander: Three Poems

Michael Gizzi: Two Poems

Karen Kelley: Freud’s Wish

Robert Podgurski: Three Poems

Robert Turney: Six Photographs

Frederico Garcia Lorca: Two Suites (Tr. from the Spanish by Jerome Rothenberg)

Philip Guston: Drawing

Marjorie Welish: Underworld Overcoat: A Note on the Late Art of Guston

D.E. Steward: September

Janet Kauffman: Women Over Bay City

John Cage: Europeras 1&2: Synopses

Leon Golub: Four Details from Paintings

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Lewis on Yiddish Modernism; Kolokithas on Fanny Howe; Friedlander on Price; Perloff on Khlebnikov; Hartley on Mac Low; Rasula’s reading notes; Bamberger on Elmslie; Kolokithas on Waldman; Grenier on Hollo; Eshleman’s recent reading; Lansing on Clarke; Smith on Clifford; Edwards on New English Poetry.

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Leon Golub, Two Heads 1, 1986, 21″ x 68″, photo by David Reynolds, courtesy of Hans Neuendorf Gallery, Frankfurt