Sulfur 25

Sulfur Issue #25


Charles Olson: “The chain of memory is resurrection…”

George Oppen: The Circumstances: a selection of uncollected writing (edited by Rachel Blau DuPlessis)

Elizabeth Willis: H-YRDN

Karen Kelley: from Anonymous Woman

Donald Kuspit: Cusi Masuda at 75 Hudson Street

Cusi Masuda: from the 75 Hudson Street performance, 1980 (photographed by Tommy, and Diana Church)

Myung Mi Kim: Two Poems

Pat Phillips: Three Poems

Michael Deguy: A Draft of Several Reflections/a Contribution to a Collective Work/”On the Subject of Soah” (Tr. from the French by Sarah Barbour and Victoria Bridges)

Jerome Rothenberg: The Dispersal

Tyree Guyton: from the Heidelberg Project (photographed by Robert Turney)

Clayton Eshleman: Guyton Place

Tyree Guyton and his grandfather, Sam Mackey (photographed by Bill McNeece)

Eliot Weinberger: The Present

George Kalamaras: Why I Fly

Martha Ronk Lifson: Two Poems

Cusi Masuda: from a letter to Clayton and Caryl Eshleman

Leon Golub: A Note on Cusi Masuda

Cusi Masuda: from the Allah Bean Gallery performance, 1981 (photographed by Tommy)

Robert Marteau: The Universal Eros of the Alchemists (Tr. from the French by A.C. Goodson)

Peter Redgrove: from An Alchemical Journal

José Lezama Lima: Confluences (Tr. from the Spanish by James Irby)

Priscilla Sneff: Two Poems

Aaron Shurin: Into Distances

John Yau: Archie Rand: The Figure of the Artist

Archie Rand: Six Paintings (photographed by Peter Muscato)

Michael Palmer: Six Hermetic Songs

Norman O. Brown: Metamorphoses III: Narcissus (1989)

Contributor Notes

Cover Photograph: Cusi Masuda, at 75 Hudson Street, photographed by Mieko Claig.