Sulfur 26

Sulfur Issue #26


Karen Kelley: The Red Snake We Woke

Barbara Guest: Defensive Rapture

Martine Bellen: Storm


Hans Bellmer: Memories of a Doll Theme (Tr. from the German by Peter Chametzky, Susan Felleman, and Jochen Schindler)
Herbert Lust: For Women Are Endless Forms: Han’s Bellmer’s Dark Art
Clayton Eshleman: Letter to Herbert Lust with a Response by Herbert Lust
Therese Lichtenstein: Hans Bellmer’s Dolls: Images of Pleasure, Pain and Perversion

Chris Custer: Theme: The Freudian Eve-&-Adam

Nuala Archer: The Hour of Pan/Amá

Marjorie Welish: Scalpel in Hand

Rene Char: Twelve Poems (Tr. from the French by Gustaf Sobin)

Maurice Blanchot: Translating (Tr. from the French by Richard Sieburth)

Marjorie Perloff: Word Flash

Eliot Weinberger: The Lives of Some Poets

Donald Revell: Three Poems

Kathleen Fraser: A Little Background: The Sisters

Michael Palmer: On Objectivism

Michael Davidson: Forms Of Refusal: George Oppen’s “Distant Life”

George Oppen: The Anthropologist Of Myself: a selection from working papers (edited by Rachel Blau DuPlessis)

Douglas Lowell: The Two Cities

Clark Coolidge: from In Dream

Michel Nedjar: Dolls (photographed by Pascal Martin)

Allen S. Weiss: In The Devil’s Kitchen: The Dolls of Michel Nedjar

Michael Gizzi: Three Poems

Karin Lessing: The Lifelong Range

Paol Keineg: from Boudica (Tr. from the French by Keith Waldrop)

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Re: Man Ray (with two Man Ray photographs)

Reviews: Marjorie Welish on Barbara Guest; Kenneth Warren on John Wieners; Tyrus Miller on Leslie Scalapino

Noticings: Rothenberg; Coolidge; Eshleman; Berstein; Welish; Rasula; Weinberger; Clifford;
Perloff; Palmer

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Nora Jaffe, Beyond With and Without; 102″ x 84″, acrylic on canvas, 1983, courtesy of Virginia Lust Gallery, NYC