Sulfur 28

Sulfur Issue #28


Barbara Mor: from Oil

Tyrus Miller: The Desert, The War, and The Underground

Blaise Cendrars: The Prose of the Trans-Siberian and of Little Jeanne of France; Unnatural Sonnets (Tr. from the French by Ron Padgett)

Karen Kelley: Two Prose Works

Bruce Andrews: Who Shouted?

Larry Goodell: Four Sonnets

Pamela Wye: This, This, This Body: The Sculpture of Petah Coyne

Petah Coyne: Sculpture

Wolfgang Giegrich: The Rocket and the Launching Base

David Bromige: On a hundred-block walk

Clark Coolidge: from The Book of During: Forms to the Good

Ronald Gonzalez: Sculpture

Milton Kessler: Light Accompaniment to Figures by Ron Gonzalez

Kurt Schwitters: Seven Poems (Tr. from the German by Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris)

Forrest Gander: from Librettos For Eros

Chantal Thomas: Three Prose Works (Tr. from the French by Allen S. Weiss)

Aaron Shurin: Two Prose Poems

Susan Howe: These Flames and Generosities of the Heart: Emily Dickinson and the Illogic of Sumptuary Values

Guy Etienne: Ten Poems from La Pierre du Oui/Maen Ar Ya (Tr. from the Breton by Alain E. La Berre and the author; tr. from the Breton into English by Alain E. Le Berre)

Guy Etienne: The Breton Gamble (Tr. from the French by Esther Allen)

Donald Revell: Three Poems

Pam Rehm: Vases and Arrangements

Johanna Drucker: Susan Bee: Arcane Painting

Susan Bee: Six Paintings

Chris Stroffolino: Not Never, But Not Now

Blaise Cendrars: The ABCs of Cinema; from The End of the World Filmed by the Angel of Notre Dame (Tr. from the French by Esther Allen, with Monique Chefdor)

Letter from Barbara Mor

Camille Paglia: Milton Kessler

Reviews & Noticings: Heller on the Oppen Letters; Tuma on Perloff; Welish on Matthews, Abish, Simic & Revell; Weiss on Müller, Thomas, de Unamuno; Bernstein’s “Further Sightings”; Coolidge’s Noticings; Simic on Popa; Whitman to Traubel; Weinberger

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Nancy Spero, Sheela & Wilma, 1985, detail, 20″ x 110″, hand-painted collage on paper, courtesy of Josh Baer Gallery, NYC