Sulfur 29

Sulfur Issue #29


Cesar Vallejo: Trilce LX-LXIX (Tr. from the Spanish by Clayton Eshleman & Julio Ortega)

Barbara Guest: Dissonance Royal Traveller

Jerome Rothenberg: The Lorca Variations XI & XII

Dubravka Djuric: Disordering (Tr. from the Serbo-Croation by the author & Charles Berstein)

Philip Lamantia: Passionate Ornithology Is Another Kind of Yoga

Jody Norton: Destroyed Works: Philip Lamantia’s Excessive Subjectivities

Cecilia Vicuña: Five Works

Eliot Weinberger: “Everything ‘Dead’ Trembles”

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Diasporas

Charles Cantalupo: Gestation

Amiri Baraka: A Meditation On Bob Kaufman

INTRODUCING UNICA ZURN(edited by Renée Riese Hubert)

Ruth Henry: My Encounter with Unica (Tr. from the French by Judd D. Hubert)
Unica Zürn: Eight Drawings
Unica Zürn: Nine Anagrammatic Poems (Tr. from the German by Pierre Joris)
Hans Bellmer: Postface to Hexentexte (Tr. from the German by Pierre Joris)
Pierre Joris: A Note On Translating Unica Zürn’s Anagrammatic Poems
Unica Zürn: Jottings of an Anemic Woman (Tr. from the German by James Phillips)
Renée Riese Hubert: Unica Zürn and Hans Bellmer

Barbara Mor: Two Poems

August Kleinzahler: Three Poems

Dean Young: The First Time & The Time Before That

Paul Violi: The Curious Builder

Teresa Del Conde: Teresa Serrano (Tr. from the Spanish by Esther Allen)

Teresa Serrano: Four Drawings

Peter Redgrove: Eight Alcameos

Peteris Cedrins: Two Poems

Ron Padgett: Prose Poem

Andrea Zanzotto: from Fosfeni (Tr. from the Italian by Pasquale Verdicchio)

Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge: Experience

Yayoi Kasuma: Six Works

Pamela Wye: Yayoi Kusama: Orgiastic Flower Beds & Other Soft Hardware

James Clifford: Incidents of Tourism in Chiapas & Yucatan

Michel Leiris: Last Writings (Tr. from the French by Richard Sieburth)

Reviews & Noticings: Weinberger on the Rexroth & Olson biographies; Lansing on Clark’s Olson; Byrd on Clark’s Olson & Masani’s Wiener; DuPlessis on Coolidge on Coltrane; Perloff on Leningrad, Dragomoschencko, Hejinian, & Waldrop; Weiss on Artaud, Oakes , Degenerate Art, & Klossowski; Rasula on Friedlander, Lhamon, Kuryluk, & Gandelman; Tuma on Matthias & Tarn; Perelman on Neruda; Eshleman on Burning Deck, MacGregor, Brown, LaBarre, & Corman

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Teresa Serrano, Don’t Touch Me, pencil, charcol & acrylic on canvas, 56″ x 48″, 1990, photographed by Mark Sink; reproduced courtesy of Anne Plumb Gallery, NYC