Sulfur 3

Sulfur Issue #3

Robert Duncan: In Blood’s Domain

Ron Silliman: Skies

Allen Fisher: The artist’s third monologue

Rachel Blau Duplessis: Ode

Bernard Bador: Four Poems

Allison Watkins: Five Poems

Karin Lessing: Four Poems

Gerald Burns: from A Book of Spells

Jose Lezama Lima: Ten Prose Poems

Gisele Celan-Lestrange: Four Ink Drawings

David Rattray: A red-framed print…

Susan Howe: Pythagorean Silence

Michel Deguy: Two Prose Poems

Larry Eigner: Four Poems

Leonardo Sciascia: The Crowley Case

Barbara Moraff: Four Poems

San Juan De La Cruz: The Fountain

Holly Prado: Sky

Jerome Rothenberg: Two Poems

Françoise Janicot: Photograph

Hayden Carruth: Who Am I

Andrew Robbins: Three Poems

Mark Karlins: Three Poems

August Kleinzahler: Five Poems

The Letters of Edward Dahlberg and Charles Olson: The Final Feud (1950-1955)

Book Review: Corman on Celan; Rasula on Watten, Bissett, Bromige and Cage
Watson on Harryman; Emerson on Bowles; Nakell on Barton; Weinfield
on Bronk; Weinberger on Mexican Poets; Shreve on Rowles; Peters on
National Poetry Series

Cover art: by Arthur Secunda A Clear Space, collage, 109cm x 69cm, 1980

Our gratitude to Jim Haddad of Haddad Fine Arts Inc. at P.O. Box 3016 C, Anaheim, CA 92803, who printed the cover, and to Jere Wright.