Sulfur 30

Sulfur Issue #30


Amiri Baraka: When Miles Split

Will Alexander: from Lightning

Armand Schwerner: storehouse

Marjorie Welish: Two Poems

David Humphrey: Six Paintings

Pamela Wye: David Humphrey: Adjusting the Picture

Paul Célan: Eighteen Poems from Threadsuns (Tr. from the German by Pierre Joris)

Wolfgang Giegrich: The Fabrication of Time

Gustaf Sobin: Two Poems

David Hinton: Two Poems

Claudia Keelan: Two Poems

Karen Kelley: Map of Heaven (letter to Justin)

R.D. Shipp: Three Poems

Arnulfo Mendoza: Five Works

Russell Ellison: Arnulfo Mendoza: Learning from Time

Rainer Maria Rilke: Testamente (Tr. from the German by Pierre Joris)

Clayton Eshleman: Rhapsody on a Theme by Vallejo

Larry Eigner: Six Poems

Stan Friedman: Four Poems

Pam Rehm: A Man Sets Sail with the Fair Wind of Hope

Charles Olson: Four Leters to the Gloucester Daily Times (with a foreword by Gerrit Lansing, and a Note by Peter Anastas)

Wes Christensen: Four Paintings

Gerald M. Ackerman: Hercules Ever at the Crossroads

Bob Perelman: Virtual Reality

Michael Palmer: Cites

Two Poems from Bhartrihari (Tr. from the Sanskrit by Andrew Schelling)

Eliot Weinberger: Dreams from the Holothurians

Reviews & Noticings: Redgrove on Rimbaud; Schelling on Baraka; Tarn on Rexroth & Laughlin; Berstein on the Italians; Kessler on Frumkin; Coolidge’s Noticings; Tuma on Wilson, Bunting, & Berstein; Weiss on Nicole, Novarina & Montage; Lease on Wright; Jenner on Electronic Artwork; Welish on Dewdney, Gander & Taggart; Morgan on Schneemann; DuPlessis on Sappho, Niedecker, Glancy, & Antin; Spahr on Welish; Weinberger on Translating

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Arnulfo Mendoza, La Diosa Del Maiz, oil on canvas, 32″ x 40″, 1990.