Sulfur 31

Sulfur Issue #31


Walt Whitman: Poem of the Propositions of Nakedness

Milton Kessler: A Note on Whitman

Will Alexander: Los Angeles: The Explosive Cimmerian Fish

Clayton Eshleman: Hardball

Jed Rasula: Pacific Rim Shots: Space and Race in Los Angeles

Melvin Edwards: Six Lynch Fragments and and Essay

Jayne Cortez: Three Poems

Liz Dalton: The Revolution Which Worked

Jorge Santiago Perednik: The Shock of the Lenders (Main Fragment) (Tr. from the Spanish by Molly Weigel)

Andrew Schelling: Two Poems

Xavier Villaurutia: from Nostalgia for Death (Tr. from the Spanish by Eliot Weinberger)

Paul Violi: Sideshow

Dan Featherston: Pomegranate

José Lezama Lima: Thoughts in Havana (Tr. from the Spanish, with a Note, by James Irby)

Barbara Guest: The Surface as Object

Joel-Peter Witkin: Statement

Joel-Peter Witkin: Nine Photographs

Herbert Lust: Witkin Versus Photography

Michael Gizzi: from No Both

Hugh Seidman: Four Poems

Ed Sanders: Melville’s Father

Charles Olson & Frances Boldereff: Who Will Bring It Up, My Little? The First Letters of the Correspondence (Ed. by Ralph Maud & Sharon Thesen)

Gerrit Lansing: In the Grip of the Octopus

Jackson Mac Low: Two Poems

John Taggart: Sainte-Chapelle

Milton Kessler: Riding First Car: Learning the Boxes

John Heartfield: Photomontages

Robert C. Morgan: The Subversive World of John Heartfield

Karin Lessing: The Year Zero

Paul Christensen: The First Day

Maxine Chernoff: Three Poems

Connie Deanovich: Three Poems

Carl Rakosi: Three Poems

Spencer Selby: Message in a Bottle

Clark Coolidge: from To The Cold Heart

Janet Kauffman: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Julia Ballerini: Lorna Bieber: Reproductions

Lorna Bieber: Eight Reproductions

Andrea Zanzotto: from Idiom (Idioma) (Tr. from the Italian by Beverly Allen)

Allen Ginsberg: Whitman’s Influence: A Mountain Too Vast to be Seen

Reviews & Noticings: Weinberger’s New in Briefs; Martin on Gizzi, Grossman & Daumal; Redgrove on Blood Relations; Byrd on Joris; Faust on Samperi; Burns on Lorca & Rothenberg; Alexander on Rational Geomancy; Maier on Levine; Spahr on Mullen; Perloff on 49 + 1, Nichol, McCaffery, & Landow; Jolly on Nourbese Philip; Blau DuPlessis’ Noticings

Contributor Notes/A Note on Sulfur #33

Cover: Joel-Peter Witkin—Bee Boy (1981), courtesy of Pace MacGill Gallery, NYC