Sulfur 33

Sulfur Issue #33


Editor’s Note:

Larry Eigner: The hours, keepers of Heaven

Gustaf Sobin: The Green Tears of St. Tratian

Jacques Roubaud: Troubadour Amors (Tr. by Richard Sieburth)

Karin Lessing: Ten Sonnets by Louise Labé

August Kleinzahler: Eros & Poetry

James Laughlin: Some Amatory Epigrams from the Greek Anthology

Martha Ann Selby: from the Gathasaptasati

Hiroaki Sato: Princess Shikishi: A 100-poem Sequence

Erasmus Darwin: from The Temple of Nature

Basil Bunting: The Lion and the Lizard

Gary Snyder: Under the Hills Near the Morava River

George Economou: Alanus de Insulis

Robert Duncan, Allen Ginsberg & Charles Olson: Duende, Muse, and Angel

Anselm Hollo: The Complete Poems of Hipponax of Ephesus

George Economou: from William Langland’s Piers Plowman (The C-Text)

Kevin Magee: Millstone

Robert Kelly: Pasts

César Vallejo: At Baudelaire’s Tomb

Will Alexander: Charles Fourier: Spark of the Harmonian Lightning Wheel

Allen S. Weisss: The Theater of Possession

Octovio Paz: The Stone Rainbow

David Hinton: Meng Chiao

J.P. Seaton: Kuan Hsiu

Jed Rasula: James John Garth Wilkinson

J. Rodolfo Wilcock: Aaron Rosenblum (Tr. by Lawrence Venuti)

Paul Blackburn: from Poem of the Cid

Peter Cole: Samuel Ben Yosef Halevi Hanagid

Ammiel Alcalay: Yehuda Halevi

Harris Lenowitz: Bindings and Whispers

Yves Di Manno: Kambuja: Stelae from the Khmer Empire (Tr. by Nathaniel Tarn)

Jerome Rothenberg: An Oracle for Delfi

Andrew Schelling: Hobson-Jobson: An Account of Sanskrit Poetics in Homage to John Cage

Rosmarie Waldrop: from A Key Into the Language of America

Paul Metcalf: Florida Vacations

Jackson Mac Low: The Presidents of the United States of America: 1853

Charles Reznikoff: from Testimony (1934)

Muriel Rukeyser: Four Rari by Moa Tetua

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Copying

Michael Palmer: Shelly, Poetics and the Present

Percy Bysshe Shelly: Ozymandias (first draft)

Contributor Notes

Cover Photograph: Gerardo Suter, Coatlicue, courtesy of the photographer