Sulfur 34

Sulfur Issue #34


Coolidge & Fagin on the Pumice of Morons (The Unaugural Poem)

Chantal Chen-Andro & Claude Mouchard: Interview with Bei Dao (Tr. from the French by
Esther Allen)

Bei Dao: The Purposes of the Magazine Today (Tr. from the Chinese by Chantal Chen-Andro & from the French by Esther Allen)

Bei Dao: Six Poems (Tr. from the Chinese by David Hinton)

Peter Redgrove: from The Guest Father, Chapter Seven: I am Called into the Cellar

John Olson: Two Poems

Lisa Issacson: Three Poems

Mary Caponegro: The Priet’s Tale

George Economou: from Century Dead Center

Gael Turnbull: from Estuaries

George Angel: Five Prose Poems

Pierre Joris: The Case of the Missing “M”

Nathaniel Mackey: from Song of the Andoumboulou

Fernando Castro: The Vanishing Navel of the World

PERUVIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS FROM THE CUZCO REGION: Martin Chambi, Juan Manuel, Figueroa-Aznar, Cristano Cabrera, Sebastian Rodriguez, Vargas Hnos, Avelino Ochoa, Miguel Chani

Henri Michaux: Beginnings (Tr. from the French by James Wanless)

Charles Berstein: Echo Off (Use Other Entrance)

Keith Tuma: Bunting, Objectivism, and National Identity (Or, Why Nobody Knows Joseph Gordon Macleod)

Joseph Gordon Macleod: Cancer, or, The Crab

Andrew Schelling: Three Poems

Horacio Costa: from The Book of Fracta (Tr. from the Portuguese by Charles A. Perrone)

Amiri Baraka: from The City of New Ark/ A Poem of Destiny

Reviews and Noticings: Schelling on the Duncan Selected; Joris on Algerian Poets, Vicuña on Chile and Bolivia; Weiss on Vallejo in Europe; Blau DuPlessis Noticings; Cole on Christa Wolf; Perloff on Schwitters; Riggins on Rehm, Nelson, and Bellamy; Berstein Noticings; Marshall on Revell; Paul on American Poetry Since 1950; Eshleman Noticings; Guest on Balakian; Weiss on the Demon of Analogy; Armantrout on Fanny Howe; Tuma on Quartermain; Irby on Leggott’s Zukofsky

Contributor Notes

Cover Photograph: Martin Chambi, Gigante De Paruro Y Mendivil (Mendivil was Chambi’s assistant), Cuzco, circa 1925