Sulfur 35

Sulfur Issue #35


Benjamin Friedlander: Six Poems

Gary Snyder: Reeds

Heather Ramsdell: from Bridge Segments

Barbara Mor: Linguistic Duplex

Antonin Artaud: from Interjections (Tr. from the French by Clayton Eshleman, with Bernard Bador)

Robert Hershon: The German Lunatic

Gustaf Sobin: Undulant-Oblique

Pamela Wye: Amy Silliman: Karmic Kabob

Amy Silliman: Six Gouaches

Robert Duncan on Charles Olson (Introduced & Edited by Robert Bertholf)

Robert Duncan: An Introduction (1972)
Robert Duncan: Eleven Letters to Chales Olson

Lindsay Hill: Four Poems

Andrew Joron: Peculiar Roots Have Reason’s Eyes

Gustaf Sobin: Two Odes

Jean-Paul Auxemery: Xenias (Tr. from the French by Charlotte Mandell)

Rikki Ducornet: from Phosphor in Dreamland

Rikki Ducornet: Six Drawings

Jayne Cortez: Three Poems

Ingeborg Bachmann: Two Poems (Tr. from the German by Peter Filkins)

Jed Rasula: Gendering the Muse

Reviews and Noticings: Bertholf on reviewing Duncan; Byrd on Stein; Maud on Fedman; Perloff on Penberthy, Yip and La Barbara; Featherston on Shurr’s Dickinson; Gander and Damon; Berstein on British Poetry; DuPlessis on Mackey, Hejinian, and Blaser; Tuma on Mayer; Blankfort on For Palestine; Lamborn Wilson on 18th-Century French Revivals; Metcalf on Melville and Lucien Freud; Coolidge’s Noticings

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Bernard Bador, collage