Sulfur 36

Sulfur Issue #36


Inger Christensen: from Alphabet (Tr. from the Danish by Pierre Joris)

Jean Donnelly: ettard

Aviva Bower: Five Poems

Sharon Thesen: Gala Roses

Robert Duncan: Projective Project: Charles Olson

Michel Deguy: from Recumbent Figures (Tr. from the French by Wilson Baldridge)

Eliot Weinberger: Two Essays

Pamela Wye: Jason Hunsinger: Even Babies Have Bad Dreams

Jason Hunsinger: Six Drawings

Gustaf Sobin: On the Longevity of Toponyms

Myung Mi Kim: Hummingbird

Charles Stein: Two Poems

Rajadatta (Tr. from the Pali by Andrew Schelling)

Linh Dinh: Four Poems

Wang Ping: Song of Calling Souls

Edward Schelb: “Witness Cycladic Afrodita”: Alchemy and the Gateway to the Tower

Osvaldo Sanchez: In the Name of the Father (Tr. from the Spanish by Esther Allen)

Graciela Iturbide: Eight Photographs

Roberto Tejada: Graciela Iturbide and La Matanza

Horacio Costa: The Boy and the Pillow (Tr. from the Portuguese by M.B. Jordan, Clayton Eshleman and the author)

Marjorie Welish: Three Poems

Drew Milne: from Carte Blanche

John Taggart: In Croce

Peter Gizzi: Caption

Charles Berstein: Max Weber’s Favorite Tylenol for Teething

Will Alexander: Two Poems

Anna Indych: Kukull Velarde’s Syncretizations: Reconquering the Conquest

Kukuli Velarde: Six Works

Raymond Federman: Three Pieces

Spencer Selby: My Influence

Pierre Joris: Two Poems

Gavin Selerie: from Roxy

David Mus: André du Bouchet’s AIR

André Du Bouchet: from AIR (Tr. from the French by David Mus)

Gary Snyder: Language Goes Two Ways

Reviews and Noticings: Rachel Blau DuPlessis on Powetry; Schelb on Irby; Eshleman’s Noticings; Welish on Schjeldahl; Reeve on Meek; Maud on Paglia; Eshleman on Nora Jaffe; Joris on Eric Mottram; Schelling on William Everson

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Francisco Toledo, La Mujer Jinete, (grabado sobre papel, 45cm x 90cm, 1991, Colección Galería López Quiroga, fotografía: Artes de Mexico)