Sulfur 38

Sulfur Issue #38


Michael McClure: Larry Eigner 1927-1996

Jayne Cortez: Now I Dig Up Patinas

Gary Snyder: The Mountain Spirit

Kevin Killian: from Argento Series

Jack Clarke: Six Poems

T.J. Anderson III: If I Get the Name Right

Will Alexander: Whithin the Oracular Sea Horse Mirror

Roberto Tejada: Miguel Ventura

Miguel Ventura: Six Works

Clayton Eshleman: My Evening With Artaud and Othlor

Dan Featherston: Vials

Marjorie Welish: Two Poems

Lisa Issacson: Near Destiny

Wendy McClure: Two Poems

Dennis Formento: Robert Duncan, Anarchist Prince

Pamela Wye: Chris Martin Drawings: “Find the Door to the Wall Where There is None”

Chris Martin: Eight Drawings

Lindsay Hill: She Play

Ian Demsky: Aspects

Eleni Sikelianos: from Eardrum’s Theory

Mark West: Drawing

Jed Rasula: Title Untitled

Leigh Hunt: Tyger, Tiger

Jose Lezama Lima: Six Poems (Tr. from the Spanish by Roberto Tejada)

Gustaf Sobin: Late Bronze, Early Iron: a Journey Book

Michel Bulteau: Black (Tr. from the French by Shelley Stroupe)

Matsutani: Four Works

Commentary: Barber on Guyotat; Middleton on Joris’s Celan; Tejada on Sarduy, Braithwaite, Keckler, Taggart, and Fulton; Shuttle and Redgrove on witches; Olson on McClure, Silliman, Alexander, Rehm, and Corman; Allen S. Weiss on various libidos; Napora on Sanford; Hale on Disembodied Poetics; Wanless on Michaux; Jason Weiss on Mark Weiss; Tejada on 55 Latino Poets, Rasula on Lansing; Zavatsky on Polizzotti’s Breton and Revell’s Apollinaire; Kelly on Pendell’s Pharmako Poeia

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Matsutani, Celluliforme, 1994, graphite, paper mounted on canvas, vinyl relief—162 x 130 cm, courtesy of Galerie Mercuri, Paris.