Sulfur 39

Sulfur Issue #39


Aime Césaire: from Configurations (Tr. from the French by Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith)

Charles Berstein: Like This

Michael McClure: from Ape Man

W. B. Keckler: Aboriginal (Number Two)

Dave Shortt: Two Poems

Anne Coray: Three Poems

Emily Chang: Eight Paintings

Pamela Wye: Emily Chang: Ever the Twain Shall Meet

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: “All my vast/journeying sensibility”: Barbara Guest’s Recent Work

Heather Ramsdale: Closet 1

Ron Padgett: Four Poems

Marta Petreu: Two Poems (Tr. from the Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Liviu Bleoca)

Michel Deguy: Poetics and a Poem (Tr. from the French by Wilson Baldridge)

Benjamin Hollander: from Onome

Paul Célan: Off the Sinking Whalebrow (Tr. form the German by Catherine Reynolds)

Garrett Kalleberg: The Last Seven

Terry Winters: 6-Field Sequence, followed by Statement

Adonis: a desire moving through the maps of the materia (Tr. from the Arabic by Allen Hibbard and Osama Isber)

Robert Vandermolen: Two Poems

Forrest Gander: Field Guide to Southern Virginia

Luigi Ballerini: Three Poems (Tr. from the Italian by Jeremy Parzen and the author)

Tam Lin Neville: The Last Suppers of the Hundred Year Old Woman

Dennison Smith: Two Poems

Gwyn McVay: Two Poems

Jorie Graham: Le Manteau de Pascal

Kristin Prevallet: Chapter Two: Reproduction Within the Invisible, from Perturbation, My Sister (a study of Max Ernst’s Hundred Headless Women)

Commentary: Perloff on McCaffrey, Raworth, Howe, and Bugliosi; Killian on Brodey; Featherston on Donahue, Selby, and Henning; Weiss on Architectural Eros; Olson on Howe, Oliver, Andrews, McNaughton, and Schelling; Januzzi on Loy; Tuma on Alexander, Mullen, and Rodker

Contributor Notes

Cover Photograph: Nina Subin, NYC