Sulfur 41

Sulfur Issue #41


Adrienne Rich: Letter to Jane Alexander

Adrienne Rich: Two Poems

Timothy Liu: Three Poems

Tessa Joseph: Walking Around the Ruin

John Latta: To Robert Duncan

Gerard De Nerval: Drafts of Aurella (Tr. from the French by Richard Sieburth)

Jerome Rothenberg: At Tsukiji Market Tokyo

Kasuya Eiichi: Three Pieces (Tr. from the Japanese by D. W. Wright)

Charles Berstein: A Test of Poetry

Taj Jackson: Apprentice

Lorine Niedecker: Next Year or I fly my rounds, Tempestuous (Edited, with a Note, by Jenny Penberthy)

Marjorie Welish: Two Poems

Benjamin Hollander: from Onome

Barbara Guest: (Rocks On A Platter)

Dale Pendell: Amrta: The Neuropharmacology of Nirvana

José Lezama Lima: Six Poems (Tr. from the Spanish by Roberto Tejada)

Pierre Joris: from Animals To The Point

Gustaf Sobin: Breath’s Successive Vertebrae

Vitezslav Nezval: The Lesser Rose Garden (Tr. from the Czech by Jerome Rothenberg and
Milos Sovak)

Allen S. Weiss: Zürn’s Doll

Roberto Tejada: Three Poems

Ross Gay: Two Poems

Paul Violi: Bathos

Kevin King: Versions of Male: An Evolution

Marwan: Eight Paintings

Clayton Eshleman: Meditation on Marwan’s Faces

Adonis: The Face—from Marwan’s Brushpoint (Tr. by Clayton Eshleman and Bernard Bador from Anne Wade Minkowski’s French version, translated from the Arabic)

Commentary: Featherston on Waldman, Blau DuPlessis, and Riding; Friedlander on Maud’s Olson’s Reading; Hollo on Middleton, Raworth, and Oliver; Zauhar on The Soul of Shamanism; Olson on Rothenberg, the Unknown Lorca, Lamantia, Schuyler’s Diary, and Weiner; Hill on Cornford; Tejada on Pacheco, The XUL Reader, and Cortez; Goldsmith on Bee and Berstein; Tuma on Duncan, cheek and Sound & Language

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Marwan, Marionette, oil on canvas, 162 x 130 cm, 1980.