Sulfur 42

Sulfur Issue #42


Gerrit Lansing: Dead Man Blues

Michael Ives: Two Poems

Norma Cole: from Spinoza In Her Youth

Gustaf Sobin: Called It Space

Carolee Schneemann: Vulva’s School

Barbara Macleod: The Psychology of Blood Sacrifice

Clayton Eshleman: Five Poems from Section 1 of From Scratch

Daniel Quick: Two Poems

Roberto Tejada: Home Improvement

Angel Ricardo Ricardo Rios: Five Works

Jackson Mac Low: An Inner Sense of Closure Another Day

Linh Dinh: Three Poems

Daniel Moore: Testosterone Act

J. Gallaher: The Attractions of The Attractive

Jean-Paul Auxemery: from My Jazz (Tr. from the French by Richard Sieburth)

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Haibun: “Draw your/Draft”

Michael Palmer: Two Poems

Gwyn McVay: The Red Drum

Richard Deming: How We Find Our Way

Allen S. Weiss: The Devil in the Belly

Tina Rotenberg: Excerpt from No Name No Number No Address

Andrew Joron: Spine to Spin, Spoke to Speak

Anselm Hollo: Five Poems

Guillaume Apollinaire: Eight Poems (Tr. from the French by Ron Padgett)

Irving Petlin: Eleven Drawings

Commentary: Keckler on Berstein; Barber on Berlin; Lorblanchet on Upper Paleolithic pictorial materials; Weiss’s Continued Noticings; Tuma on Hollo; Olson on Faser, Owens, Rabinowitz, and Browne; Sheppard on the British and American avant-garde.

Future Sulfurs

Cover Art: Terry Winters, Flows Correlated to a Surface, 1996; ink, oil, & acrylic on paper;  105.7 x 75.6 cm