Sulfur 43

Sulfur Issue #43


Kenward Elmslie: 701 Remembers

Kenneth Irby: Two Poems

Anne Gorrick: Wittwick, Wallkill as Memory

Rosmarie Waldrop: from Reluctant Gravities

Dan Featherston: Odors

Roberto Tejada: The Photography of Horace Bristol

Horace Bristol: Six Photographs

Alan Gilbert: Two Poems

Eliot Weinberger: Vomit

Jackson Mac Low: Swift-Flowing Water Where Bales of Hay Explode

E. Cameron Scott: Two Poems

Tina Rotenberg: Jerusalem Story

Brian Schorn: Two Poems

Brian Schorn: Five Photographs

Adrienne Rich: Rusted Legacy

Chris Sia: Scorpio Moon

André Breton: My Heart Through Which Her Heart Has Passed: Poems of Love and Desperation, 1926-1931 (Tr. from the French and Prefaced by Mark Polizzotti)

Bryan Johnson: H. De Soto

Eliot Weinberger: What Was Formalism?

Bruce Beasley: Two Poems

Nancy Locke: Some Possibilities for Painting’s New Typographies

Christopher Campbell: Four Paintings

Charles Berstein: Captain Cappuccino and His Merry Con Leches

James Heller Levinson: Issac Stern Thursday April 23, 1998 8:00

Milton Kessler: Two Poems

Commentary: A letter from Basil Bunting to Carolyn Burke; Kevin Killian on Moving Borders; Dallas Wiebe on Alison Bundy; Dan Featherston on Jessica Lowenthal, Heather Ramsdell, and Benjamin Hollander; John Olson on Paul Metcalf; Sylvie Kandé on Christine de Lailhacar; Roberto Tejada on Audre Lorde and Peter Gizzi; John Olson on Cecilia Vicuña; Marjorie Welish on Jacques Roubaud and Raphael Rubinstein; Rachel Loden on Paul Hoover; Dale Smith on the Yasusada Notebooks.

Contibutor Notes

Cover Art: Christopher Campbell, Huron III (Black Ice), 1996, oil, charcol/linen, 60 x 48″. Collection R. Epping, Zurich, Switzerland.