Sulfur 44

Sulfur Issue #44



Louis Armand: Three Poems

Rachel Tzvia Back: Palimpsest of Place

Douglas Barbour: Three Poems

Robin Blaser: Two Poems

Christian Bök: Eight Poems

Bev Braune: Reading Post-Modernist Runes in Skulváði Úlfur: A Journey of Puzzles

Colin Browne: from As If

Alan Brunton: Writing Out of Nothing

Clint Burnham: Two Poems

Yvette Christiansë: Signs and Portents

George Elliot Clarke: Four Poems

Wayde Compton: from (Bottle)(Poems)

Jeremy Cronin: The Assassin Applies to the Amnesty Committee

Ingrid De Kok: Hearings. Victims. Underwater.

Jeff Derksen: from Social Facts are Vertical

John Higgins: from Signifying Chain

Danny Huppatz: Two Poems

Peter Jaeger: Two Poems

John Kinsella: Two Poems

Michele Leggott: that night that morning

Alan Loney: from Fagmenta Nova

Karen MacCormack: Two Poems

Steve McCaffery: Three Poems

Erin Mouré: At Fleuve Craniam

Khulile Nxumalo: from Cracking teh Road’s Fast (A Proemdramatic)

Tom Orange: Flame Above the Seamark

Margaret Orbell & Richard Killeen: The Presence of Dew

Meredith Quartermain: Human Infusoria

Marthe Reed: Place

Lisa Robertson: Two Poems

Catriona Strang with Françoise Houle: from The Clamorous Alphabet

James Taylor: Ambiguity as a Bowl of Milk

Mervyn Taylor: Two Poems

John Tranter: Two Poems

Darren Wershler-Henry: from The Dangerous Prevalence of Imagination: A Tapeworm

Commentary: Ann Vickery, Susan Clark, Peter Hudson, Andrew Klobucar, Marnie Parsons, Sharon Thesen, Wystan Curnow, Lydia Wevers, Elizabeth Losh, Andries Oliphant, David Bunn

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Christian Bök, “Of Yellow”, a translation of the sonnet “Voyelle” by Arthur Rimbaud. Vowels have been replaced with blocks of color according to the schema described in the sonnet itself.: “A noir, E Blanc, I rouge, U vert, O bleu: voyelles,” All other letters, commas and spaces, etc.
are grey.