Sulfur 5

Sulfur Issue #5

Eliot Weinberger: Kenneth Rexroth 1905-1982

Michel Leiris: Who is Aimé Césaire?

Aimé Césaire: Poetry and Knowledge

Aimé Césaire: Thirteen Poems

Nora Jaffe: Four Silverpoint Drawings

Bruce McClelland: Petersburg 1982

Gustaf Sobin: Ray

Lauren Shakely: Five Poems

Michael Palmer: The Theory of the Flower

Clayton Eshleman: Terrestrial

Peter Redgrove: Nine Poems

Dennis Phillips: Self-Portrait

John Mandel: Four Graphite Drawings

Carl Rakosi: Punk Rock

John Ashbery: 37 Haiku

Penelope Shuttle: Five Poems

George Economou: Amepikh Two

Jerome Rothenberg: The Covering Cherub & The Academy of Dada

Lyn Hejinian: Nine Poems

Miroslav Valek: Killing Rabbits

Charles Stein: The Lions

Book Reviews: Silliman on Weiner; Smith on Arnold; Rasula on Bloom, Holan &
Ekelöf; Klein on Le Géant; McGann on Kauffman; Emerson on Connell; Watson
Berstein; Perters on Antin; Weinstein on Dawson & Sorrentino; Bronk on

Cover art: graphite drawing by John Mandel